COVID-19 Policy and Consent

In light of recent events, we have made new policies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are adding the following safety measures to our home visit appointments per the CDC guidelines.

**Please note that the CDC states that COVID-19 may spread from human to human without any symptoms present.

-If anyone in the home has/had any sickness/illness/vomiting/diarrhea or has/had a fever over 100.0 F or has/had been exposed to anyone that has/had any sickness/illness/vomiting/diarrhea or has/had a fever of 100.0 F in the last 15 days, the appointment needs to be rescheduled. 

-If there is anyone in the home that has a cough of any kind the appointment will need to be rescheduled. If upon arrival or during the visit anyone in the home is coughing, I (Kristen Kratz) reserve the right to leave at any time and payment will still be expected.

-I (Kristen Kratz) will be following the same guidelines as stated above.

-Anyone present during the visit needs to have their temperature taken before the appointment is made for that day. I (Kristen Kratz) will do the same.

-Hand soap needs to be provided by a sink with paper towels.

-By agreeing to a home visit you accept any or all risks associated with COVID-19.

                                           COVID-19 Consent

During my home visit, I or any person/persons present during the visit, hereby consent to all or any risks that may be associated with contracting COVID-19. I assume the risks involved in having an in-person consultation with a medical provider.

I have read the COVID-19 policy on the website ( and agree to all of the conditions.

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