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Kristen Kratz Lactation Care

Assisting you in meeting your breastfeeding goals


Congratulations on Your New Baby!

Your baby is here and you are ready to breastfeed! This should be easy, after all breastfeeding is natural, right? Not always. Sometimes breastfeeding challenges may arise that require the assistance of a skilled clinician. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) are health professionals who specialize in both the basic and complex aspects of breastfeeding. Kristen Kratz Lactation Care is here to help! We offer breastfeeding support in our Newtown office.

Baby's Hand


Hi, my name is Kristen Kratz. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as well as a Registered Nurse...

Why Visit?

Here are some of the common reasons why moms schedule a visit: 

For Moms:

  • Strategies for the early weeks

  • Bottles and breastfeeding

  • Baby-wearing

  • Frequent breast infections

  • Low milk supply/over supply

  • Pumping

  • Engorgement 

  • Plugged ducts/mastitis

  • Weaning from a nipple shield

  • Nipple pain/nipple damage

  • Feeding multiples

  • Continual/constant feedings  

  • Tandem breastfeeding

  • Elimination diets

  • Returning to work

For Baby:

  • Latching difficulty  

  • Reflux/gas concerns

  • Baby weight gain/loss concerns 

  • Food intolerances/elimination diets

  • Oral Restrictions

    • Pre/Post frenectomy care 

    • Wound management 

    • Tongue, lip and buccal ties

  • Oral habilitation

  • Post NICU discharge feedings

  • Intro to solids

  • Weaning

  • Sleeping during feedings

  • Long feedings

  • Introducing bottles

  • Is baby getting enough

Accepted Insurances

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